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The most rapid ones of their class!
The new vacuum sealers distinguish themselves by an especially quick vacuum cycle and would therefore
offer lots of advantages such as packing more products in the same time, serving customers more rapidly or less
waiting time in the kitchen. Both machines require a very small footprint and have a sealing length of 305 mm.
In this way, they cover the most frequently used bag sizes for numerous applications. Other advantages are:
high quality finishing, easy to clean and extremely hygienic as they are made of stainless steel. They are easy
to operate and are equipped with a display with large, easily readable figures and status displays. In addition,
they offer a perfect price-performance ratio. Made in Germany.


Technical detail:  
Chamber size (w x l x h/mm): 320 x 350 x 120
Sealing length (mm): 305
Distance x(y)/(mm): 290
Position of sealing bar
- Standard: front
- Option:
Vacuum pump (cbm/h): 8
Power connection: 230 V / 1 Ph+N+PE / 50 Hz
Power (kW):   0.5
Maximum bag (mm): 300 x 400
External dimensions (closed lid / 
w x l x h/mm):
370 x 400 x 305
External dimensions (lid opened / mm):   370 x 400 x 600
Weight (kg): 28

Standard Equipment KOMET Vakuum packaging machines

Due to the small footprint in connection with the sealing length, the new vacuum sealers are suitable for numerous applications and industries. Among others: